We have learned how “edmodo” is used and why we used. Edmodo, the power of social media in teaching and learning environment will allow us to use. For teachers and students; educational collaboration, student feedback, individualized instruction and creates a safe environment in many aspects. Every time and place of learning, encourages the exchange of ideas with students on any subject, making several arguments, to follow the development of student self-esteem issues, such as development provides important support.



“Delicious”… Delicious; we enjoy writing articles can share or keep track of whether we categorize sites is environment.Delicious is open to everyone, favorite links, articles, blogs, music store and can be reached easily from any computer. Frequent use is a site where you can share. Delicious helps our content indexed very quickly. So it is very useful for us.


CALL (24.03.2014)

Our topic was dropbox , today. We can use to store many files. Files can be accessed from a single center with dropbox. If you’d like to file its reach by giving your password to a friend can make. You can share your photos and storing. For a single file do not need to carry your external hard drive.


CALL (17.03.2014)

We hav learned “socrative” and “qrstuff” today. They are useful sites for teachers , I think. Nowadays , students use Internet very much in their daily life and while doing their homeworks. Using internet in the lessons will be very useful and interesting for students. “socrative” provides teachers to make their lessons interesting and enjoyable. It can be used for Quiz. Quizzes and exams can be  charming for students. And it provide easiness to teachers. 


CALL ( 10.03.2014)

Today, we met PBwork , we have learned how to use it. I think it is useful for us. We can use it to capture knowledge,share files and manage projects. And , we can use it for fun , too. Using such sites for me is a bit difficult.I suffer from this but I think I will accustomed to use , anymore. I think I can use pbwork in my classes in future. of course, if I develop myself. Because , I must learn more about Pbwork.


<a href="” title=”my introduction”>my introduction

My name is Feray. I’m 22 years old. I live in Bolu now. I am student in Abant İzzet Baysal Üniversity. I worked in Mustafa Çizmecioğlu Anatolian High School and now I will work in Bolu Anatolian High School.